Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 comes to an end

As the year ends, I want to celebrate all of Tau chapter's wonderful accomplishments. Most importantly, I'd like to acknowledge our greatest accomplishment of our's: Tau chapter's 5 year anniversary.

On December 6, 2003, our 7 charters founded Tau Chapter of Sigma Psi Zeta Sorority, Inc., establishing a legacy of sophistication, elegance, and independence on the UMCP campus. We owe our thanks to our charters for having the vision, inspiration, and motivation to create this siterhood for all of us. Thanks and congratulations, charters!

Look how much we've grown:

In addition, we also celebrated the installations of our new kappa class:

We wish everyone a happy new year and hope for a great 2009!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tau Chapter Proudly Presents...

...the new Tau Kappa Class!
*Tau superKrew*

Congratulations girls!

#65 Jennifer *MareTTo* He
Big: Alli *SoJu* Weatherford

#66 Jennifer *magnolia* Yang
Big: Stephanie *mixu* Fei

#67 Angela *Eridani* Fang
Big: Donna *Kyoto* Ryu

We're so proud of you girls! Welcome to SYZterhood!! =)

And Special Congrats to:

PE: Holly *Malibu* Lui
PA: Alli *SoJu* Weatherford

Congratulations to all Fall 2008 Neophytes! We wish everyone the best!

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Clothesline Project

A History of the Clothesline Project:
"According to the Men's Rape Prevention Project in Washington DC, 58,000 soldiers died in the Vietnam war. During that same period of time, 51,000 women were killed mostly by men who supposedly loved them."

In 1990, women's groups in Cape Cod, MA were motivated by this statistic to spread the awareness of Violence Against Women.

A woman named Rachel Carey-Harper is credited with the idea for the Clothesline Project. As a visual artist, she was moved by the AIDS quilt and suggested hanging shirts on a clothesline as a medium for raising awareness about domestic violence.

Doing laundry is traditionally a women's work and historically women often talked to each other while hanging the clothes to dry. The Project allows women to tell their stories using words and/or artwork to decorate the shirts and hanging them on the clothesline continues that tradition of exchanging information over the clotheslines. Also, symbolically the Clothesline Project represents the airing out of society's dirty laundry.

The shirts serve an educational purpose for those who may be less aware. It also becomes a healing tool for the maker of the shirt-- she can leave her pain on that shirt and literally turn her back and walk away. For those who are still suffering, the Clothesline Project shows them that they are not alone. And finally, it "breaks the silence" of a very hushed up issue-- it makes a bold statement, one that people passing cannot ignore and forces people to face the problem.

The original Clothesline Project took part in October 1990 during an annual Take Back the Night Rally. Word spread and the Project went from a "single, local, grassroots effort into an intense national campaign."


In 1999, the sisters of SYZ formally adopted our National Philanthropy, to Combat Violence Against Women. As part of our efforts to bring awareness to our community, we host and participate in a variety of events during the month of October, which as I-Ling mentioned, is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. The highlight of our busy October schedule is always the Clothesline Project.

The sisters of Tau Chapter will be at Hornbake Plaza on Wednesday, Oct. 22 from 7am-4pm. T-shirts will be hung around the outside of the library as usual and sisters will be available all day to answer questions and provide more information about Domestic Violence. Please come out and show your support for our cause. Take a look and open your eyes.

For more info about the Clothesline Project:
For more info about Sigma's National Philanthropy:
For more info about Tau Chapter's Participation:

Sigma <3
Sy *Bellini* Kim
TG, Spring '05

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Be Informed!

We have so many talented, smart and accomplished girls in Sigma Psi Zeta - and this week, we are able to see the awesome work of our Sigma journalists =)

Go pick up The Public Asian, and support co-editor in chief Margaret PiNK Lee and senior staff writer, Sharon Leilani Choi!

Not only that, but check out our picture at the AIDS Walk (courtesy of CaChow!)... and ever think, "I wonder what Stephanie Fei, Rita Wu, Dee Fan or Jackie Tseng would say in a newspaper"? Well, think no further! Go pick up The Public Asian, and read what they have to say!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

oh so young!

This is a birthday shout out to one of our youngest syzters. Although her driver's license may say otherwise, she is young at heart, full of energy and SUN-shine.


Monday, October 6, 2008

Welcome to SYZterhood! And So It Begins...

Yay! Welcome to the UMCP Sigma Psi Zeta's new blogspot!

Visit our homepage for more information about us:

Although we have a wonderful home page, we wanted to create a fun space for all of our UMCP SYZters to post our thoughts, photos and memories as they come!

Check back for updates from any one of our 63 sisters! WOOHOO!

Sharon "Leilani" Choi
Spring 2006
Tau Epsilon