Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Please welcome our LOVELY LAMBDA CLASS!!!!

#68 Jessica *Izumi* Liu
Big Sis-SeJin Lee

#69 E.V. Tori *innibrë* Catipon

Big Sis-Meredith Xu

#70 Elizabeth *Ellipsis* Ding
Big Sis-Tran Hoang

#71 Lillian Luciera Tran
Big Sis-Amanda Kim

#72 Irene D'vie Wang
Big Sis-Cindy Kwan

#73 Gina cavalli Kim
Big Sis-Min Seo

Pledge Educator-Stephanie *mixu* Fei

Pledge Assistant-Sejin *tarte* Lee


Friday, April 10, 2009

What our philanthropy means to us...

As the largest active Asian-interest sorority on campus, we use our strength in numbers to spread awareness around our surrounding community on a issue that is commonly overlooked. For the past 5 years, Sigma Psi Zeta Tau Chapter has contributed back to the community by helping at numerous DV shelters, hosting DV self-defense workshops, educating the community through the distribution of pamphlets and awareness ribbons, and last but not least our annual participation in the Clothesline Project, plus much much more!

With April being Sexual Assault Awareness Month, our lovely philanthropy chair Donna Ryu planned a plethora of events for the entire month. Each and every one of these events successfully increases awareness about an issue that affects 13.7 percent of female undergrad students! In addition to planning great philanthropic events for sisters and the community at large, Donna also directed a great video that delves into common questions that people have on the issue. The video includes narration from a community outreach coordinator who did a great job of informing us about what DV is and how it should be handled. The camera also caught up with CP students to see how they view DV in the college community and beyond.

Recently Past Events

*Survivor Garden Dedication – This was the kick off event for Sexual Assault Awareness Month . It is the biannual Survivor Garden vigil where people gatherd to listen to a DV survivor speak.
*Self Defense Class - Donna's friend Steve Lim taught Sigma sisters self defense routines in case she were to ever find herself in a dangerous situation!
*Yami Yami Philanthropy Fundraiser- eating yummy sushi and bubble tea to raise money for the Domestic Violence Resource Project in D.C.

Upcoming Events:

*Silent Vigil with Teal & Purple* April 14 (outside of the cultural center in the outdoor amphitheater at 7pm)
This is a silent vigil to remember the victims of DV and
sexual assault. A victim of sexual assault will be reading some poems
she has written about her experiences. Giving us a first hand experience to feel the trauma of being a sexual assault victim.

*Clothesline Project * April 16 (Hornbake Plaza Mall 8am-5pm) -
This is one of our biggest philanthropy events of the year! At this event, victims
of DV/sexual assault put their feelings on a t-shirt to "clean out the dirty
laundry of society". The UMCP health center sponsors this event to bring out the
emotions that are so often kept inside of these victims. Feelings of anger, sadness, depression, etc.


PS- Congrats to my lovely pledge sister Jackie *Hanaiko* Tseng for becoming a certified Violence Intervention Assistant!! <3

Doreen *rampage* Wu
Tau Iota

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

SYZ History:

On March 23rd, 1994, the sisterhood of Sigma Psi Zeta was formally recognized
at the University of Albany, State University of New York.

The Founding Mothers of Sigma Psi Zeta wanted to create an eternal sisterhood and to establish an organization that encompassed the strength of today's Asian-American woman and her potential for making an impact on the world around her.

After 15 years, Sigma Psi Zeta has grown to include 23 sisterships across the United States, with members that still uphold the values and beliefs of our founders
by sharing a universal sisterhood in their hearts and lives. Our sisterships enjoy a distinguished reputation for activism, scholarship, character, and leadership.

Last month marked the 15 year Anniversary of our founders. We are all so proud and honored to be a part of such an amazing and strong sisterhood.

True to the colors red and gold,
Sisters forever heart and soul.

SYZ Spring 2009 Convention

This year's convention was hosted by our founding Alpha Chapter at the University at Albany - SUNY in Albany, NY. We celebrated Sigma Psi Zeta's 15th anniversary with a wonderful Convention and a nighttime Gala.

Tau Chapter was awarded the 2009 Psi Sistership Award, similar to "Chapter of the Year" - one of the highest honor in SYZ.

UMCP SYZ @ 2009 Spring Convention!

With one of the founding mothers, Sally *Shae* Hsieh and the Psi Sistership Award.

Special Shoutouts to
Jennifer *w00tw00t* Feng for planning the National Spring 2009 Convention and Gala!
Cathy *uh-oh!* Lin for a wonderful year on SYZ National EBOD as Controller!
Emily *D'lux* Lin for being the newly elected Controller for the '09 - '10 National EBOD!

Sy-yu "issey" Chen
Tau Theta